About PlanetMilav

PlanetMilav is the place where the Author shares all the stuff that he finds useful. He does blog posts here as when he finds something worth sharing. He uses this place to Note down his personal explorations so that while doing the same thing again (By Himself or by Someone else) in future, They don’t have to surf the internet again to find the working solutions to the same problems.

The Author is working as a Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Dept. at Government Polytechnic, Palanpur. Hence most of the Study materials shared here will be of Diploma level.

Finally any suggestion to improve content quality are most welcome, but any suggestion to improve the presentation or formatting, please don’t do that – He is not gonna do that, at least for quite few months.

Note: Especially to Web Developers out there. The Author is not a professional web developer and hence you’ll find lot of possible improvements to the site, that he must do. But for most of the cases, He is not gonna do that, as his only goal is to note things down and share it.

About the Author

The site owned and maintained by Milav Dabgar.

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Milav is an experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Data Science, Matlab, Python, STM32. Strong education professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Communication Systems Engineering from L.D College of Engineering – Ahmedabad.

  • GES Class II Lecturer at Government Polytechnic, Palanpur
  • Former Electronics Engineer at TEXEG India Private Limited
  • Studied Communication Systems Engineering (ME) at L.D. College of Engineering
  • Studied Electronics and Communications Engineering (BE) at Sal Institute of Technology & Engineering Research


Email: milav.dabgar@gmail.com
GitHub Site : https://milavdabgar.github.io/
github: https://github.com/milavdabgar
Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Milav-Dabgar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/milav_dabgar