Multithermal Box (Economy)

Product Features

  • Use of Peltier effects is preciously kind to nature.
  • Maintains set temperature accurately.
  • The chip itself is the composition of waste energy.
  • Outstanding performance covering a huge range and sectors.
  • Low power consumption rate at thermostat mode.
  • Extreme good performance in a lightweight and compact size.
  • Authenticated under the trial and error method exclusively ensure longevity in the life of the products.
  • Noiseless.
  • Financially, as shown in the image can be made cheaper.

A product developed to conveniently safe storing of typical material at reserving temperature constantly is an awesome feature and here through this page, the system carved to measure out this merit is introduced. Only installation tightly the refrigerating panel in the economic type of the box in a way as shown in the figure can make the that buying a refrigerating panel and installing it merely in an economic type thermal box or other similar type boxes in terms specified volume and outer dimension of refrigerating panel to the inner dimension of the substitutional box.

In a standard size availability of the boxes are in 50L and 100L volumes. These are the well reliable products for storing certain items that constantly needed to be preserved at a particular temperature. An extraordinary feature carved in the system is that it has its controlling range extremely in nominal (small) range, so the device can even be used to preserve the items at 1°C down the temperature from the room temperature. From the temperature setting panel, the temperature can be set from 5°C to 60°C but performance remains 15°C down from room temperature to up to 60°C to its positive side.

Flexible for storing verities of items are known mainly for:

There are no lists of the items that can be preserved at a certain temperature is limited; rather the box is flexible for adopting the times of the size and shape in the box. Majorly, the products are being used in Lab ( School Lab, General Lab, College and University Lab) including others like fermenting the dough of the bread or bakery items. Storing some exclusive medications which need to be preserved at a particular temperature the device is extremely helpful. Apart from the device is liberal in preserving raw vegetables, fish, meats, etc., of the type that may quickly decay at a temperature abnormal to them.

As has been stated in the preceding paragraph that the device has no boundary to use for one specific one, but is vast in range. Recently, this has been familiar and popular with sports lovers for keeping their drinks and foods item at the suitable temperature they like.

Storing the volume

What else is required to store the items in a bigger volume than the capacity of this device owns? Well, no worries. Viewing this kind of situation company has made the box in such mode that it can be utilized easily connecting to others in numbers. The agent for heating-cooling utilized in the system is limited by the capacity which is why the load that exceeds the capacity of one unit has to be preserved in other units. However, handling all the additional units – accommodating them either in the well-balanced vertical or horizontal way – will have no problem operating from one of the setups set for the main handling.

Social and Environmental Responsibility:

Literally, the use of Peltier means the device is fully relieved from the use of hazardous greenhouse gases, thus utilization of this kind of system is a great bliss to nature, so the fact the device and the substances used in the heating/chilling mechanism neither brings any risk both in environment or society.

Product Specification

ApplicationMulti-Purpose Temp Box
Chilling ElementPeltier Unit
Input Weight6.5Kg
Ambient Temp25 °C to 30 °C
Unit Size900mm*430mm*430mm
Input230v, 50Hz, Single Phase
Ideal Output5 to 40°C