Multithermal Box (Premium)

Product Features

  • Appliances with the use of the Peltier module are precisely amiable to nature. The universal fact is that because the module is made up of waste energy it does not hurt the environment.
  • Accurate output is assured in nominal tolerance.
  • A huge platform for storing various types of material to its typical suitability.
  • Low power consumption rate.
  • Extremely light in weight with its proportional size.
  • Exclusively to enhance the reliability and life of the product years of trial and error measures are taken.
  • Noiseless.
  • Operation manuals are customer friendly.
  • Economy and Standard both in types are availed.
Multithermal Box

Product Highlights

ETP is the abbreviation form of Electronic Thermal Panel” and 50L stands for inside volumetric capacity.

A Peltier unit assembled electronic panel which will be fixed on one side of the box wall will pump the required amount of heat (+ or -) into the box depending on one desired temperature. In case the choice is lower than room temperature it automatically is sensed by the system and acts to lower the temperature gradually down from ambient to the set one while to up to 60°C to its higher side. The System developed with the unification of the Peltier effect will consume only 68W which never emits greenhouse gases, i.e., the unit is green energy so pollutes no environment.

The systems run with 12v and consume less than 68W. The most benefit to be noticed of the product with the thermoelectric module is that necessarily it is very light in weight and generates no sound at all, has been an extremely pleasant setup for storing special chemicals, medicines, fermenting items along with keeping other small but loving pets in it. The box is usable at the science lab. By the system of the setup, the temperature both on the plus or minus side is controlled more accurately on each unit at its nominal (±0.3) range, so preservation can be prioritized closer to the property of the material in a reliable and safe mode.

Significantly, the development of this box aims to make strategic preservation safe with the use of commercial equipment.

The user’s interface (operation manual download) is provided in the way that one’s fingertip is enough to output the desired temp, thus having the product attract the attention of the users in the market.

Product Specification

Cooling MethodCooling method using a Peltier unit
Cooling PerformanceΔT = 15 °C with respect to the outside temperature
Temperature Setting-5℃〜60℃(1℃ unit)
Rated CurrentAC230V 0.5A
External Dimensions425mm×470mm×425mm
Body WeightApprox. 7 kg
Power CordApprox. 2 m

Product Feature

  • The temperature inside the chamber can be freely set from -5 °C to 60 °C and the set temperature maintained.
  • The chamber is an assembled type, so it can be easily transported and installed.
  • The quiet design is also suitable for chemical storage at research institutions.
  • The chamber interior space can be increased (optional) to match the size of the stored items.
  • Monitors are installed for both the temperature inside the chamber and the set temperature to provide easy and stable temperature control.

Product Specifications

Cooling MethodCooling method using a Peltier unit
Cooling PerformanceΔT = 15 °C vis-à-vis the outside temperature
Temperature Setting-5℃〜60℃(1℃単位)
Rated CurrentAC100V 0.5A
External Dimensions425mm×470mm×425mm
Body WeightApprox. 7 kg
Power CordApprox. 2 m



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