PORT – A Versatile Drink Holder

PORT is a smart home appliance made by TEXeg. Drinks in plastic bottles, cans, and cups can be kept cold or hot for hours just by putting them in the PORT. When you want to concentrate on desk work or take a break, the drink on your desk is always at your preferred temperature. 


  • While relaxing in the living room.
  • Before going to bed, take a break with plain hot water.
  • For work and study where you want to concentrate. As PORT is too silent.
  • In the kitchen for tempering chocolate, fermenting bread, and serving hot Chutneys.
  • To enjoy a delicious beer outdoors, Just Plug-in a Power Bank to your PORT.
  • For Cooling lotion, warming body cream, preventing mascara from hardening in winter, and managing cosmetics.

Temperature for Every Need

It can be used in various scenarios, such as storing not only drinks but also cosmetics. It can be adjusted to the “right temperature” that feels comfortable to drink deliciously without extreme heating or cooling.

Silent Operation

PORT is powerful yet very quiet. As a product that is close to your life, it will not disturb your life with sound. You can use PORT in a variety of situations, such as a quiet office, a desk where you want to keep your concentration, a bedroom where you want to sleep comfortably, etc.

Dedicated App – PORT

We have developed an App that allows you to operate PORT from your smartphone, which was requested by many users. From the app, detailed temperature settings and remote operation are possible.

Energy Saving Design

PORT cools and warms well, but even if you leave it on for 8 hours, the electricity bill is about 2.7 yen, so it’s actually very energy-saving. This is the same level as charging a smartphone, and we focused on an energy-saving design that is friendly to both the wallet and the environment so that PORT can be used as casually as a smartphone every day.

Sophisticated Look

PORT is based on a minimalistic design with no elements and has a gentle curvaceous beauty that does not make you feel the harshness of industrial products. The smooth form that blends naturally into your interior creates a calm moment. So, use it not only in the house but also in the office, outdoors, and in various places.

PORT is packed with attention not only to the main body but also to the outer box.

“A blue-gray finish that looks like it’s been cut out of the sea”

The circle, which is the same size as the main body’s insertion slot, expresses the sparkle and freshness of the surface of the water that reflects light. The design is such that the box alone can be placed in the room without any unnecessary decorations. After taking out the PORT, you can use it as an accessory case. You can decorate it as an interior decoration. Please enjoy the light design with PORT.

TEXeg – Manipulating Temperature over the past 37 years

PORT was developed through long-term research aiming for unique performance and usability. Packed with technology that can only be harvested by TEXeg, which has been manipulating temperature for many years.

We beelieve in building Products, that you won’t get tired of, Something that is not overly complex or sophisticated, but something that fits in with your daily life, without any effort.


How would you like people to use PORT?

I would like you to use it freely without being bound by stereotypes. Because you can set the temperature, it can be used not only for keeping drinks cold and hot, but also for cosmetics, wet towels, and chocolate tempering.



  • A wide range of temperatures, for your varying need. (7 Steps in the range of 5°C to 60°C)
  • Highly quiet operation while having quick cooling/heating.
  • Power Efficient – It Consumes a similar amount of energy as it takes to charge a smartphone.
  • Dedicated Mobile App for Android & iOS.
  • Minimal & Stylish design.
Appearance & ColorIvory Black * Power Cord: Black / Ivory White * Power Cord: White
Preset TemperatureApproximately 5°C to 60°C (environmental temperature: 0 to 30°C)
Body Weightabout 550g
AC Cord Length0.9 Meters
Power Consumption12W
Product DimensionsW150mm×D95mm×H130mm