Portable Cooler

Product Features

  • Cools the contain symmetric.
  • Inspiringly neat and clean chamber.
  • Aesthetically beautiful product will have its capacity to chill down to -2 degree Celsius (ideal temperature for chilling can beer) to 60 degrees Celsius in the upper range.
  • Implemented profound Japanese technology is the source to rely on the long span of product life with its punctual performance.
  • Throughout of years, the trial and error method life of the machine and system is authenticated.
  • 1 years warranty on product and parts unless damages are identified as artificial.
  • With dedicated application control of commands and observation is made possible by means of smartphone (android) phones.
  • Any of the typical contains like makeup goods, some critical medicine, and other items for lab purpose that is needed to preserve between -2 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius is highly recommended to preserve in the device.


Silver color plastic bodied chiller with its black border as shown in the image is a chilling box with proportional length to its symmetrical height and depth. This tiny neat and clean electronic refrigerator smoothly and constantly keeps the ingredients inside it in desirable temperatures in the range of 5 to 60 Degree Celsius.

A semiconductor or Peltier chip which is made up of waste energy has been the source of the heating chilling element and has also been bliss for our environment with its not nature harming nature.

About 7kg in weight the machine is comfortably placeable for outdoor activities in any sort of vehicle in its 12V charging environment.

Because the device is functional from -2 Degree Celsius to 60 Degree Celsius range of items of the same ratio can be preserved. Storing milk or curd or other a freezer is very normal while raising the temperature to a respective degree will even help to make the curd from the remaining part of the milk. Universally known fact that ferments make bakery items exclusively tasty so, raising the temperature to one ideal for fermenting dough or other bakeries will serve the most tasteful chapati, or bread or pizza base, etc., at home.

A very simple chiller can provide a typical service of need. Powerful yet producing no sound at all has been the specific reason for opting for this at home or outdoors.

Performance Data Sheet

  • -2 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius at its 25 degree Celsius room temperature

Product Specification

ModelPortable Cooler
Exterior ColorSilver with a Black border
Exterior dimensionsW392mm × H355mm × D104mm
Body weightApprox. 5.3 kg
AC Cord1.5m
Power consumption12 W (Max. 68 W)
Cooling unitPeltier unit
Cold storage temperature5 °C ± 1.5 °C (When the room temperature is 25 °C)
Power supply230 ~ 100 VAC (50/60 Hz), in Switch ON/OFF mode
Refrigerator capacity5 L (Refrigerator internal dimension: W 220 mm × H 275 mm × D 72 mm)
Cooling methodInternal heat conduction method
Door opening methodOpens horizontally (*Please state the precautions regarding the door opening direction.)
Drip-proof constructionWater from tops on the top is prevented from entering the air exhaust port.
Thermal insulation constructionVacuum insulation and urethane foam are used for the thermal insulation (supports thinner designs)
Vibration and noise countermeasuresA quiet fan is used and sound absorption material is attached to the air exhaust.
Door sealPacking magnet adhesion method


  • The photographs in the catalog are for illustration purposes only. The actual colors may vary slightly depending on the lighting, angle, and contrast to the background color.
  • Do not place other objects on top of this product which may cause the fall of the product from the wall.
  • Regularly maintain the drain at the bottom of the product to prevent the overflow as well as the decay of water.
  • Regularly maintain the filter at the bottom of the product to prevent poor performance; that is due to clogging with dust.
  • The screws to use to fasten the product on the wall will differ depending on the shape and material of the wall, so the client should have to manage the likable screw to suit the situation on its own.
  • About 3 to 4 hours is required for the temperature inside the refrigerator to change from 25 °C to 5 °C.
  • Use this product indoors out of direct sunlight. The performance of this product is not guaranteed when used outdoors or in a vehicle.
  • Only use this refrigerator to hold food and drink. Storing chemicals shall avoid it could not only cause discoloration or corrosion but also problems the health.
  • The shape may be changed without notice.