TEXY-10V (Compact Vaccine Carrier)

* Vaccine image for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may vary.

Years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the field of Peltier assembly products enabled TEXeg Group to come out with a product like “TEXY-10V” which features precisie temperature control along with an aesthetically pleasing design. TEXY-01V is the optimal product for storing and transporting COVID-19 vaccines which must be handled under strict temperature control.

Key Features

  • Precise temperature control
  • Capable of storing materials at a temperature of 5˚C, while the outside temperature is in the range of 0˚C to 30˚C.
  • The attached thermometer makes it possible to measure the inside temperature.
  • Logs of Temperature control can be fetched through USB & Bluetooth.
  • Energy-saving technology: Environmentally friendly non-fluorocarbon Peltier technology which saves your electricity bill spends.
  • 3 hours of transport are possible with an external power supply.
  • Saves the capital investment, as no need to prepare for cold packs.
  • The product works on Rechargeable batteries as well as AC supply. Rechargeable batteries while the product is in transit and AC supply while the batteries are needed to be charged or replaced. A single recharge lasts for about 3 hours which can be extended by the use of additional batteries to deliver the vaccines to remote areas.
Precise temperature control

Design & Dimensions

  • Compact design with an Effective capacity of 5 L and weight of about 5kg (6.5kg with battery) for excellent transportability.
  • Durable design for transport: Patented engineering provides outstanding durability and long-lasting carry by a powerful battery.
  • A special case inside of the box ensures safe transport, which avoids rolling or collision of vaccine bottles inside the product.
Design & Dimensions

Storage & Stacking Guide

  • While storing or in transit, the product must be kept in dust-free areas and direct sunlight must be avoided
  • It must be stored on a robust horizontal floor and in a well-ventilated and dry place.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 10cm from the walls.
  • Triple stacking at maximum.
Storage & Stacking Guide

Product Specifications

Temperature range5℃(at outside temperature: 0˚C to 30˚C)
NET WeightApproximately 6.5kg (with battery)
Valid capacity5L
Supply voltageAC230V or Battery
Battery powerApproximately about 4 hours per one battery ※ It depends on the situation
Pre-cold timeWithin 2 hours ( In case of outside temperature 25˚C)
* The shape and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.